Choices Stories You Play Cheats Unlimited Key & Diamonds

Choices Stories You Play Cheats is an option to change anything. And choices stories have an awesome collection of story games all over the world. In choices, there are short and long stories that are under your control. There you can customize your character. You can solve crimes. These stories are full of adventures. You can easily get stories according to your choices.

Stories have different types. A story can be a drama of romance, horror, crime, fantasy and lots more.


Choices Stories You Play Cheats

There are some stories that are available at choices. The choices stories you play cheats are as follows:

The Freshman: It is a fantasy drama story that has leading characters, who are studying at a university. The basic theme of this story is, you can make the number of friends. You can find your partner. And you can go to parties. You can be a football hero. And you can enjoy your life entirely. It’s interesting and full of adventure.

Most Wanted: This story revolves around a mysterious murder where you are trying to find the killer. Therefore, if you want to play this story you have to the role of a detective to find the killer. This mysterious story is one of the best to play and to read.

Choices Stories You Play Cheats

We updated new stories weekly. Just keep reading and go to Cheat!


Choices Stories that Work 2018

Choices have the best collection of story games all over the world. There are some stories that have a great work in 2018. These are:



In this story you with your friends in a hotel, which is located in an isolated area. There you don’t have any entertainment and you feel useless. This makes you and some of your friends’ panic. And other some friends found a good choice to chill them all.

let’s read what’s going to be your choice?



This basic plot of this story is you have begun a new business in a new city. You feel like a strange. So, to avoid loneliness you make friends while dating a number of them. Also, there you found a beautiful location. You also found a true love that is the glamorous part of this story.


Choices Stories Without Verification

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You can also get unlimited diamonds or have in-built diamonds generator. Some people enjoy round about 9999 diamonds per process of every production. If you want to purchase these diamonds on the store, you can get 1500 which are so costly and expensive almost 100 bucks.

Have fun with choices stories!


Choices Stories You Play Online

You can freely play choices, but you are able to purchase some items of the game with real money. You may limit the ability to make in-app purchases by creating a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store. There are some privacy concerns, you have to follow them.



Download Choices Stories You Play Cheats Apk

File Size : 3.9MB




One of the best ways to make Diamonds in the game is by completing a chapter. The basic concept of Choices is the stories you play and read are really fun for everyone.


You can play and read our Choices: Stories You Play Diamonds and Keys guide. And it’s a good attempt to make money in a real way.

If you have any question just comment below. Just in touch with more choices.




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