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If your phone is get infected from unwanted malicious virus and malware, then we bring an app for you named Avast Mobile Security Pro APK. It is one of the best security apps designed to protects your phone from any virus.

By using this app, you can protect your phones from Spyware, Phishing, Trojan, Worm, Boot sector virus, Web scripting virus, and much more bugs. Let me introduce this app in detail:

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Download 2019What is Avast Mobile Security Pro APK?

If you are searching for the best apps that protects you from viruses, then you are at right place. Before going to the introduction let’s see why our phones get affected by viruses.

Many Android users get videos, images, games, apps from another android user via Bluetooth, and other sharing apps. If you are one of those, then remember if you are affected by the virus. Because while sharing data some code that is malicious to your phone is also transferring in your device. So, that’s a big reason.

What Should We Do to Secure Our Phone from Viruses?

We should adopt a way that is secure and also clean up our devices from the virus. For this, there are so many apps available on the internet that claim provide you security against malicious viruses. But most of them are fake, or some are paid apps. So here I am going to tell you the best offer that protects your devices from viruses. Avast is a great solution

Avast provides you free and premium versions. The basic free is available free of cost and to use premium versions you have to pay some charges.

Do you want to use all the features freely? You should use Avast Mobile Security Pro APK. I am sure you’ll have the best experience. Before going to the features let’s see how Avast looks?

Avast Interface

The interface of Avast is user-friendly and straightforward. When you open Avast it has like navigate arrows on icons when you open it there is a scan option in front of you having Boot Ram, Clean Junk, Scan Wi-Fi, and VPN Protection in below to scan.

These options have their specific functions. These are:

  • Scan: When you open this app by default it can scan all your files and warn you by showing every possible risk.
  • Boot AM: It means; it kills the app in the background. There are number of apps working in the background and these apps slow down the speed of processing.
  • Clean Junk: It shows you how storage amount you used and in current user if you enable clean junk it will free your space safely.
  • Scan Wi-Fi: This function tells you if you have network issues. It will resolve them to increase the speed of your network.
  • Virtual Private Network Protection: Now you can connect with the internet through Avast VPN servers. You can easily use it just in Ultimate or Ultimate Multi subscription.

On the top left corner, there will menu buttons having privacy protection, device management tools and configure option where you can set the setting according to your needs.

Additional Information Of Avast Mobile Security Pro

App Name Avast Mobile Security Pro
App Size26.7MB
Version 6.1
Requirements4.1 and Up
DeveloperAvast Software

Avast Mobile Security Pro Features

There are so many features you can get from this app. Some top features are given below.

  • You can get antivirus engine
  • Moreover, you can block the calls.
  • You can get anti-theft features.
  • Moreover, you may also have Web shield
  • You can get Power to sever mode
  • Privacy permissions
  • Firewall for android devices
  • Virtual private network
  • Photo Vault

In this pro version, many more functions and functionalities and you can get all these features free after downloading.

How to use Avast Mobile Security Pro APK?

After opening you will go through these functions:

  • Firstly, it scans your android and detects the virus
  • After detecting it scan viruses and remove them
  • It provides the facility of Wi-Fi scanning
  • And it wouldn’t steal your data or your data wouldn’t also be lost.
  • It can boost up the speed of your Android’s RAM
  • And it can also clean junk file from your device.
  • It can also remove all malware viruses instantly
  • Moreover, it can save your power

How to Configure Your Protection Setting?

On the top left corner of the home page, there will menu buttons having privacy protection, device management tools and configure option where you can set the setting according to your needs.

Let me know you how to configure protection setting on Avast:

As I told you there is a menu button on the top left corner on the home page. You have to click it. It displays a list of functions. But you have to enable these buttons:

  • App Install shield
  • Web shield lite
  • Wen shield with accessibility
  • Internal storage scanning
  • Lower Reputation apps
  • PUP detection

Save Power:

This is an essential function in every device. People use to like a phone that is power saving and if your device consumes so much power than Avast can help you. It will decrease power consumption by default. You can configure it according to your device performance. You have to go these following steps:

  1. Go to the menu button and open save power
  2. It may ask some permissions; you have to allow it.
  3. Now click on power save setting button
  4. There will display a lot of options about saving power; you can click right or click left according to your device requirements.

Configure your Avast Mobile Security Setting

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Download 2019

If you want to configure your Avast Mobile security setting, then you open setting of the app.

  1. Open menu from the homepage.
  2. Tap on the notification button and turn all notification alerts on
  3. There will show a charging screen which helps you to save your power by avoiding background tasks.
  4. A protection button allows you to scan every unwanted request or even click and protect your phone from viruses.
  5. If you want to lock any folder, then the PIN/pattern button is available for you to lock any app.
  6. A data usage button tells you how much you consume data and provides you recommended daily limit.
  7. An activity log grants you the detail activities list performed by you.
  8. An update feature allows you to update it automatically if there is internet access.

Such a guy! Are you ready to download this app on your phones? Here I am going to explain to you the downloading procedure and further requirements. You stay with us!

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How to download Avast Mobile Security Pro APK

If you are interested in downloading Avast Mobile Security Pro APK which allows multiple exciting features, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open your system and go to the browser and search Avast Mobile Security Pro APK for Android

Step 2:

Now click on the download button below. For downloading this app requires some permissions. You have to allow them.

Step 3:

After this, it will start downloading. Now you can install it.

Step 4:

That’s it now you have successfully installed this app on your phone.


Download Avast Mobile Security Pro Apk Download Avast Mobile Security Pro Apk


These above are a complete easy step to download this app. But make sure you have internet access to download and use this app. And it is entirely free for all android user all over the world.

There are many websites on the internet claim to download Avast Pro. Don’t trust them because they provide the wrong information. But our website wholly secure and provides correct information. Pre is, versions of this app allow charges on the Android platform, but this version permits to run the app on Android free of cost.

This app is small in size. You don’t need to free storage space. This app provides you complete security and safety. You don’t need to worry about the privacy. You can have this app on your devices in the long term after installing. So install this app and enjoy its incredible features!

Final Verdict

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK covers all the needs regarding your android’s security. Having blast features and user-friendly interface would be the best choice for you to protect your phone from unwanted malicious virus and malware. All you need is to download it. Follow the downloading procedure as I mentioned above.

If you have an issue, you can freely comment below. We are here to help it out. I hope you will like this article. For more update keep visiting us! Thank you!


Is Avast is free to use?

Avast has two versions one is pro free and premium. But Avast Mobile Security Pro APK is free to use. All you need is to download it.

Is Avast is secure?

Avast is designed to protect your files and all other data. If your device gets infected by some viruses, then it’s the best option which provides you protection against every malicious scam.

Is Avast Mobile Security safe?

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK is entirely safe for your phone. It secures your devices from Spyware, Phishing, Trojan, Worm, Boot sector virus, Web scripting virus, and much more bugs.


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