Background Eraser APK Free Download with Friendly Uses, No Root, and Auto Mode

Background Eraser APK Free Download with Friendly Uses, No Root, and Auto Mode
Background Eraser APK Free Download with Friendly Uses, No Root, and Auto Mode

As the name implies, the Background Eraser APK is an app used for background removal. It is a photo-editing tool that can eliminate any background with ease. It can erase the background of any image so you can get more accurate results. The incredible thing is that you can cut the required people and paste them anywhere else. Isn’t it amazing? So do you want to get the best background Eraser APK? If so, we have its free downloading link below. Just click on it, and you are ready to remove backgrounds.

Out of its amazing features, the app works most straightforwardly. You have to choose the required image that you want to edit. For increased performance and convenience, this tool has an electric brush. It lets you highlight the background area so it can be automatically deleted. Unlike other image background tools, it is simple to use. It offers perfect results within seconds.

When you have finish editing, the tools allow the picture to be automatically saved. Without any background, the image can be saved in PNG format. However, if you want to save the image in JPG format, it will be saved with a white background.

How Background Eraser APK works?

This background removal is easy to use. It provides the most accurate outcomes more than you ever expected. With fast-changing results, it removes backgrounds easily. What will you need to do? You have to tap on the required area to erase. This tool will auto-erase. Also, you can use the other option. You can manually remove the background by using your figure.

Once you have removed your desired piece, the picture will automatically save in PNG or JPG format. Then you can use resulting images wherever you want. For instance, you can use them to make a photomontage, collage photo, or passport photo. Besides that, it is an improved version of the background eraser APK old version.


Let’s look at its features:

Easy to Use

Out of its amazing features, this tool is the easiest to use. Unlike other editors for background removing, this tool doesn’t allow you to face complexities. So you don’t have to look anymore. If you are looking for easy-to-use and straightforward background removal, you need to tap the area and let it do it. Both cut and removing are allowing for free.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use


Out of its amazing features, the tool is most user-friendly. There is no complete operation you have to deal with. You will need to select which area you want to remove, and it will show its magic. There is no imperfection you’ll find after getting results. It ensures you will get a perfect image with no background. So do you want to get a background eraser and remover apk? Keep reading!


Undo and Redo Action

Another feature that you will like the most is its undo and redo an action. Both undo and redo functions are provided by this background remover. Undo means that you can reverse the current action more than one. You can use the undo function by pressing CTRL+Y. This feature means you can undo the operation, which is undone. However, it will show on the screen for once. Then you have to select the Undo. However, when it comes to the Redo, you can use this function only using Undo command.

Free to Use

Did you know that now you can use background eraser APK without paying any single penny? Yes, it is free to download as well as use. Regardless of whatever the background is, it ensures to remove it correctly. Indeed, it is the most fantastic part to get rid of imperfections on your images. It is not just easy to use but also makes your picture transparent without any cost. However, you can save it in just two formats, such as PNG or JPG, according to your needs.

Auto Mode

You will be pleased to know that it is offering auto mode. It lets you erase similar pixels without any hassle. For increased performance, it allows you to save your pictures in auto mode. Yes, if you forget to save the image, then you don’t need to worry. It is because this tool is offering auto-save mode. So do you want to get an auto background eraser apk? Just keep scrolling.

Extract Mode

Last but not least, this tool is also offering extract mode. This mode lets you select as well as erase and erase objects that you want to remove. The best thing is that it can remove the background more accurately by using red or blue markers.

Above all, these features are providing by Background Eraser APK. We assured you this tool makes your pictures transparent. If you want to get perfect results, then it can do better more than your expectations. Here we a background erase apk mod download.

How to Download and Install Background Eraser APK?

Are you looking to remove the background from any picture or image like a professional way, then this app would be a perfect choice for you. The best thing is that it is easy to use without paying any single buck. So if you want to download it, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to explain the downloading steps.

NameBackground Eraser APK
PublisherhandyCloset Inc.
GenreGames, Action
Latest Version2.6.1
MOD FeaturesEasy to Use, User-Friendly, Undo and Redo Action, Free to Use, Auto Mode, Extract Mode
Get Official VersionGoogle Play
Get ModBackground Eraser APK

Above all, these are simple to follow steps for photo eraser APK. Before downloading, make sure you have a stable internet connection so you can download it easily.

The Bottom Line

All in all, we have explained Background Eraser APK. It is no doubt that it is the most more comfortable tool that ensures erasing like transparency. Also, it doesn’t de-quality any image. Want to get Background eraser APK for PC? Keep in touch. Besides, if you have any questions, then ask in the comment section. Thank you for visiting us!

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