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Ludo Star Tips

Here I will teach you some Ludo Star Tips to win Ludo. These tips are simple to play. Let’s have a look:

Tip 1:

When you play Ludo more than 3 times then change the mode. It will help you to win easily. You should select classic or master mode to win streak.

Tip 2:

If you played more than 2 times in quick mode then stop avoid a number of losing games, you should play twice or thrice games.

Tip 3:

Before playing you should check out Ludo Star Quick game-winning tricks.

Easily to win you should start game auto and keep watch. This trick will let you win quickly


Ludo Star Dice Hack

There are many searches related to hacking. But here I am telling you the easiest dice hacking. So let’s know how to get six every time while playing this great game. It’s very simple and easy. Well, when the clock is between 12:05 to 12: 10, then it’s the best time for rolling your dice and this time you will probably get a six continuously. Not just sixes, you can win a maximum number of matches and collect so many gold and gems.

But all time it is impossible to get a six, during this 12:05 to 12:10 time you can get maximum sixes quickly.


Ludo Star Hack

Firstly, open the game and you have to watch at least seven videos at the top left corner.

When you watch all the videos then you will get a message there are no more videos to show.

It’s okay now you left the videos and go to the mobile setting. Now the step is you just change the date and time i.e., if it is 15, change the date to 16.

Now come back to the game. There you will have some more videos again. You should watch all the videos.

Now repeat above step again and again by just change the date as you can and as you want. This will give you millions of stars, coins by just watching videos.


Ludo Star Cheat Code

There are some cheat codes to win and get what you want easily:

  • For 20000 coins to get just clicks the following:


  • Write f1Ivr14r8y to get gems super packs
  • If you want to get 1 Lack’s coins’ pack, then you should dial this code that is “ngz7b9Z9CH”
  • You can get 3 magic chests typing “AQwcCIF7Ww”
  • Gems big packs = “C0M3ItO0RY”
  • To get 2000 coins’ pack = “R4G6pRfTi0”
  • Get 1 million coins packs just type “x3MDC1ITxv”
  • To have 5 Lac’s coins packs just type “Gwc4670d0E”

Choose a code of your choice and enter in the option. Remember, don’t play with high streak player. You should play with the same level opponent as you have. It is difficult to win from the high streak. Enjoy your cheat.


Ludo Star Tips will help you to get unlimited coins, a variety of modes and ads free. Yeah, it’s amazing. Now it’s time to install this great app. Let’s play and enjoy unlimited features. If you have any issue just comment below.

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