Magic Piano Hacked Apk Free Download with Unlock Songs, Ads-Free

Magic Piano Hacked Apk Free Download with Unlock Songs, Ads-Free
Magic Piano Hacked Apk Free Download with Unlock Songs, Ads-Free

Download the magic piano hacked Apk on this platform with unlimited smoola, unlock all songs, free of ads, Antiban, easy uses keys, and without root. Also, the users can get the online magic piano generator. If you want to enjoy the premium features in this app without charges, then it is also possible.

The official Magic piano has very limitations and restrictions for the players. For example, users can’t get unlimited smoola. Also, they can access some songs only in the original game. They have to pay for using the pro characteristics. So, download the Magic Piano Mod Apk 2020 and enjoy.

What is Magic Piano Hacked Apk?

It is the excellent hacked version of the magic piano game. When this game came in the market, many people started to play it. But, they can’t get the endless resources and unlock the facility for all the songs. Therefore, the users demanded to get unique features and VIP access.

Then, the third parties hacked the original game and launched the modified version. So, the players can enjoy it according to their wishes. Let’s go to the features of it!


The third parties hacked it with a lot of features, but we will discuss the main characteristics. Let’s start to describe the features!

Unlimited Smoola

The users of the piano can get the limitless smoola in this modified version. As you know, it is not possible in the original game. So, download the Magic Piano Hack Apk and enjoy according to the wishes.

Unlimited Smoola
Unlimited Smoola

Unlock All Songs (VIP Access)

Hundreds of songs are available, and the players want access to all songs. Therefore, this modified version provides VIP access. So, you can unlock the desired songs. Even if you want to enjoy all the songs, then download Magic Piano Apk Unlock All Songs.

Unlock All Songs (VIP Access)
Unlock All Songs (VIP Access)

Free of Ads

This hacked version is free of ads. So, the reason is that the players are irritated by watching advertisement while listing to songs. Also, they lose the concentration and excitement of the songs due to the ads.

Antiban Hacked Version

The users of the official Magic piano understand that they have to face the banning issues in this hacked version. So, the third parties launched it with free of banning problem. Also, many players have downloaded it, and they are enjoying it.

No Root

If you think that you have to get permission to play it, don’t need to worry. Here, all the players can download and play this hacking version without root permit. Even you don’t need to provide the verification to enjoy it.

Friendly Uses

The most excellent feature is that the players can play it without learning the technical or special things. How is it possible? Magic Piano 2.8 3 Mod Apk has a very simple and easy uses keys for the players.

Free of Cost

Hundreds of piano lovers want to download it, but some don’t have enough resources. So, we provide the downloading facility without paying the charges. Download the Magic Piano VIP Apk without wasting more time.

The users of the piano can enjoy all the features after downloading it on their devices. Let’s go to the downloading and installing process of this mod.

How to Download Magic Piano Hacked Apk?

The players can download this hacking version without any problem. So, the first talk is to complete the requirements. The complete information and requirements of this modified version are available below!

NameMagic Piano Hacked Apk
GenreGames, Music & Audio
Latest Version2.8.9
Size71 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Smoola, Unlock All Songs (VIP Access), Free of Ads, Antiban Hacked Version, No Root, Friendly Uses, Free of Cost
Get Official VersionGoogle Play
Get ModMagic Piano Hacked Apk

Downloading and Installing Guidelines:

It may be possible that you need simple and easy steps to download and install it. So, follow the below method to download it quickly.

  • First of all, enable the unknown options of the supported android and connect it with stable internet.
  • Secondly, make enough space to keep the downloaded file and tap on the installing button.
  • Now, wait to complete the process.
  • Then, open the downloaded Magic Piano hacking version and tap on the installing button.
  • This hacked Apk file will install on your device in a few seconds.
  • Enjoy!

Magic Piano by Smule Hack IOS

The users of the iPhone can also download and install this hacking version. So, the installing process of the iOS device is different than others. Therefore, you have to follow the below steps!

  • Firstly, connect the supported iOS device with stable internet.
  • Now, start the downloading process by tapping on the below downloading link.
  • After that, you have to install the Cydia impactor tool for installing this hacking version.
  • When you will get Cydia impactor, pull the downloaded file and drag it into the tool.
  • Open the file here, and tap on the installing button.
  • The file will install after a few seconds on iOS.
  • Enjoy all the songs!

Frequently Asked Question

How do you get free Smoola on Magic Piano?

If you want to get the free smoola in the hacked magic piano, then it is possible. Open the magic piano and tap on the button of plus sign that is available at the top right corner. After that, tap on the purple button and enjoy the freedom.

What is VIP Smule Magic?

The players can get access to all songs for listing. It is called VIP Smule.

How can I play Magic Piano on my iPhone?

You can get the magic piano on iPhone easily. So, the downloading link and process for installing this version on iPhone is available above.

Final Verdict

So, the lovers can download the Magic piano hacked Apk on this platform without charges. Also, we can answer your query if you want more details. Write the query in the comment section for replying to us. Thanks and keep visiting!

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