Play Online Ludo Step By Step Guide For Free

Play Online Ludo

Ludo is a very broad game, due to its popularity it has become the top-ranked game in the world. Now, it is also available on the internet to play, you can play it online from anywhere in the world. You can get many exciting features to play online, you can get the superb card, you can unlock awards and achievements, you can win weekly prizes for the top-ranking players. There is a feature through which you can share your scores with your friends and play as well with your friends and can become the best of Play Online Ludo.


Play Ludo Online Multiplayer

It’s really fun to play the game with your friends, family on the internet and now Ludo provides you the facility to play online with multiple players. You just have a good internet connection to play to play it with other players online. If you do not have Ludo app then firstly download, install it and enjoy with your favorites.


3D Ludo Play Online

3D Ludo game becomes very popular nowadays. Every player’s desire is to play Ludo in 3D format and compete opponents with the highest scores. You can simply play on your android devices and you will not be bore by playing this game because it has good graphics that will attract more users. You should try to compete and beat your opponents with the best scores on the leaderboards.


Ludo Gameboard

if you want to Play Online Ludo then there is some information about rules. It is in a square shape and has four houses colored by blue, green, yellow and red. You can play with two to four players. Each player is assigned by a colored house that has four tokens. Each player rolls the die that is six-sided. You just move forward a full turn of the road and make it to the end line. Each player’s token can come from their house by rolling the die to six. If a player moves all four tokens to the finish line then it’s a winner’s position.

When a player rolls 6, the player can select to advance a token already in play or can enter another staged token to its starting square. If a player earns 6, then the player has bonus roll in that turn. If the player again earns 6 then the player has bonus again, If the player earns 6 in the third time, then the player has no choice to move the token and the turn immediately passes to the next player.

You can also beat your opponent where it stands. You can roll the dice up to six digits with the dice, then the opponent should go to the place where is colored in his house’s color and if you want to bring the opponent where you have beaten, then you should circuit once with your selected opponent.


Ludo game has many variations that I have discussed for you. The new versions of Ludo Game are very popular in many countries. It is totally free, you don’t need to pay any cost to play it. Now, you do not need to wait anymore for this fantastic game. Let’s play and enjoy.


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