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Game of the hearts, yes, it is Ludo game online. It is a very popular multiplayer game, you can play up to four players. Here you have to roll a die to win your own house. There are four houses in blue, green, red and yellow. You have to select your house and then roll dice till to reach the end line to win.


Ludo Game Online

Ludo is a road game, you can play with your friends, family even worldwide. The objective of this game is simple and straightforward, you have four tokens in your house, you just make a full turn of the road and make it to the finish line. You can move with a six-sided die, and each token will come out from their house by casting a six. If all four tokens of the player will reach to the finish line then it’s a winner’s position.

You can also beat your opponent where it stands. You can roll the dice up to six digits with the dice, then the opponent should go to the place where is colored in his house’s color. And if you want to bring the opponent where you have beaten, then you should circuit once with your selected opponent.


Ludo Game Online


Play Ludo Online Multiplayer

Ludo game online is a great fun to play the game online with your friends, family or kids as well. It is possible in Ludo online multiplayer. You just have an internet connection to play. If you do not have Ludo app then firstly download it. Install it and enjoy with your favorites.


Play Ludo Star Online

Play Ludo Star is also available on the internet, you can play it online and you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • There are many superb cards in this game
  • You can play with your friends
  • In this game, you can also compete with multiple players
  • You can unlock awards and achievements.
  • When you play Ludo star, you can win weekly prizes for the top-ranking players.
  • Become a very best Ludo player.


3D Ludo Game Play Online

3D Ludo gives you more challenges. It will entertain you more. You can play in the more challenging environment. Dear! you can play with your friends and anyone online. You can be won a lot of prizes, you can also have on top in weekly ranking.


Play Indian Ludo online

Ludo game gives you many platforms to play. Play Indian Ludo and explore the game. You can simply play on your android devices. Here you can have exciting cards to unlock awards and win the achievements. You can also share your ranking, progress with your friends, family player, anyone online.

You will be playing this game for hours and it’s a great fun for you. Try to compete your opponent and beat your opponents with best scores on the leaderboards.

Ludo game online is a top-ranking game. It has been played many years ago and still has millions of players in the online world. You can use all kind of cards to outwit your opponents. This can be very competitive. If you unlock awards you can get special many prizes and can win weekly ranking.



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